The Inconjunct Aspect and the YOD

The Inconjunct Aspect and the YOD

by Eileen Nauman, DHM, medical astrologer

A Yod is a celestial signature involving three planets. In my case, I have Mars 9 Leo inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces, Jupiter 18 Libra inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces. Mars is sextile to Jupiter. This is the first YOD in my natal chart.

I have Pluto 9 Leo inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces, Neptune 5 Libra inconjunct Moon 10 Pisces. Neptune is sextile Pluto. This is the second YOD in my chart.

Most neophyte medical astrologers would look at this and jump to some dramatic conclusions: “OMG! She’s going to die! Look! Two Yods! That’s RAD!!!”

Or something like that…..

First, let’s disassemble this aspect. It is a 150 degree angle between two planets. If you are beside me, that is like a conjunction. If you are standing opposite of me, that is like an opposition aspect. However, at 150 degrees from me, you are past the 120 degree angle of the trine of EASE and too early for the opposition at 180 degrees where action and choices can be recognized and triggered to get you out of whatever you are in. That is what makes the inconjunct so tough–you can’t see yourself or get a reflection from within yourself (or outside of yourself) to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Nothing is easy about an inconjunct. It is the antithesis of a trine. Instead, you will run a gauntlet, take your beating and work through it and come out the other end. You will develop maturity, wisdom and compassion if it goes well.
Once you’ve learned the lesson, you no longer have to go through the process, so that’s the good news! However, if you don’t–you’re bound to repeat it like “Groundhog Day,” the movie, until you do ‘get it.’ And by repeating the same lesson over and over again, like the hero in the movie, it changes us, deepens us and ultimately (we hope), makes us more compassionate human beings as the hero became. That is the job of the Yod and the inconjuncts.

When you see someone repeating a pattern over and over again or drawing the same type of man (or woman) into their lives, you can bet they’ve got a few inconjuncts in their chart or perhaps, a Yod. That’s the clue to an astrologer who is hearing the person’s life story before ever looking at the chart. Yods and inconjuncts are “Groundhog Day.”

I’ve referred to the inconjunct as “being trapped between a rock and a hard place.” Anyone who owns an inconjunct in their natal chart will instantly know this is true. The inconjunct aspect puts you smack dab into the center of the fray (i.e., something you’ve come in to learn this lifetime) and there’s no way to manipulate, slip out, escape or run from it. You are, indeed, caught between a rock and a hard place. And you are going to have to go through it more than once. However, if you’re wiser than most of us, maybe once will do it.

Let me say it another way: You WILL be put into situations, events and experiences where the only thing you can do is be there and become a party to it. You cannot run away from it. You cannot escape it no matter what you try to do. The more you try to avoid, the tighter the stranglehold of the inconjunct upon you. My own example is being born into a family with a PTSD wounded father because of his World War Two experiences. He was prone to uncontrolled rage and the outcome was physical violence against us. As children, we had no way to escape this. We couldn’t hide. We couldn’t run. We had to stand with our feet in the flames and take it day in and day out. THAT is an inconjunct and Yod situation.

Symbolically, if you draw this signature of two planets inconjunct a third and the other two sextile to one another, it looks like a beam of light emanating outward like a focused flashlight on to some THING. Our path is one of looking into the darkness and the Yod highlights the person/situation/experience to see what is there and to deal with it completely.

In my own case the Moon was ‘ground zero’ (I call this the ‘point of the sword’) in the seventh house. Emotions, patterns and behavior were emphasized. The planets in sextile were my supporter and answer of HOW I was going to get through all of this in one piece. They are not ways OUT of it. A Yod is not something that can be avoided. In fact, I’ve never, in 62 years of living and doing charts, ever seen anyone avoid what the Yod decreed that they must work through.

My mother (Moon) was gone much of the time. I grew up as a latch key kid in the 1950’s and 1960’s long before the term was coined with an endless succession of baby-sitters. My mother had to work at the office and by the time she got home at night, she had no energy or time left for the four children she struggled to feed on her paltry salary. The PTSD father couldn’t keep a job and was unable to be a parent; so it all fell on her shoulders. The children were deprived of a mother and there was little nurturing or mothering as a result. I termed our situation a mothering starvation with this aspect and planets in my chart and it proved to be true in real life.

My way to survive and learn and evolve from the Moon in Pisces Yod focal point was in the sextile planets that are a part of this crucible process. In one Yod, I had Neptune sextile Pluto. Neptune was confusion, but also intuition and posited in my second house of physically manifesting it for keen every day use. Pluto is about transformation and brute survival reflexes and is posited in my twelfth house. I needed an excruciating degree of intuition in order to sense my father’s moods before he broadcast them. Because, if he did, it meant physical abuse for one of us. With a Moon in Pisces, it finely honed my abilities to a degree that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t live in an unsafe environment where our lives (literally) were being threatened 24/7/365. With my sensing abilities heightened, I was able to keep my siblings and myself safe from my father 99% of the time. And, most importantly, we got out of that situation wounded alive.

The other sextile on my other Yod to my Moon in Pisces is Mars sextile Jupiter. Mars is posited in my twelfth house and Jupiter in my second house. What is interesting is to see that both Yods revolve with the 7th house where the Moon in Pisces is located, but the SAME houses that show a way to emerge and survive the Yod process was the twelfth and second houses. I got double what I needed. And looking back on it, I needed this.

Many people think the twelfth house is a ‘bad’ house (another blog on this) or a house that isn’t stellar. I feel people who don’t have planets in the twelfth house don’t understand its richness and value. There’s an old adage that all the zodiac signs are contained within Pisces, the 12th and last house. If you look at it that way, it’s a house of treasures, knowledge, skills and tools. And that’s how I’ve utilized this house all my life. I LIVE in there with my Mars conjunct Pluto. I’m a Plutonian inside and out. Most astrologers call it the house of imprisonment. My prison was my eighteen years of living at home.

And so, my way through this fire and tempering steel process of my soul that the Yod puts one through, was to survive by ‘hiding’ (12th house) while living at home. I was hiding from my father but I also helped to hide my siblings as well. As the oldest of the four, it was my duty to protect them. And when I couldn’t hide, I used the strength of the 12th house, to outwit, out maneuver and manipulate my father much like a matador waves a red cap at an angry bull to pull his focus off the other three siblings and place it on me. More 12th house attributes. These skills, later as an adult, helped me see manipulation (good and bad) in others. I never used what I learned as a child on others as an adult. I had enough ‘sense’ to know that would be wrong.

The second house and Jupiter gave me an incredible sense of morals and values–far beyond what was taught to me. I brought this understanding into this lifetime. And it was that sense of right and wrong that helped me adjust to the adult world after I left the Yod childhood behind. I knew I was wounded. I knew the wounds were deep, but I was constantly watching and assessing myself to ensure that I didn’t use some of these survival skills out in this world because intrinsically, I knew it was wrong. That is the second house values coming into play. And, the other fascinating thing that happened was that as I tried to get well and worked at it actively, the universe always rewarded me (2nd house). Sort of like the carrot before the donkey. The more I worked, the more I received rewards. It was a good deal and I was more than willing to be responsible to get healed from the inside out.

When looking at a Yod, look at the two planets that are sextile within it because those are the tools that you can use to endure through the process and survive it. And, if you can do that, you won’t fall ill. Also, look at the houses that the sextile planets are in because those are the ones that give the person more tools and approaches to utilize.

Inconjunct aspects aren’t going to make your life easy; hence the concern that the more stressed out and battered and intense your battles in life are, the more the wear and tear on your spirit, emotions, mental construct and physical body. From a medical astrology perspective, the inconjunct is maximum STRESS on an individual. And we all know what stress can do to you: it can make you sick and then you can become dis-eased.

And if you end up with three or more hard aspects that are inconjuncts, then the possibility of poor health becomes very real. Of course, if you make the right choices and work to heal yourself of your internal wounds caused by the parents/childhood, then you will remain healthy. I find that many people do not have this inner mode of wanting to get healthy and yes, they will fall ill. Even being sick, we can make great strides in healing our inner wounds gained from life.

To sum up: inconjuncts and in particular a Yod, which consists of two inconjuncts, will put you through your paces until you learn from a person, situation or experience. If you don’t learn it, you will repeat however many times it is necessary until you do. This is the one hard aspect and one signature that a person cannot sidestep, avoid or hide from. The only way to work with it is to go through the galvanizing and tempering process by the fires of life. Once you have learned, it stops and Life takes on incredibly new and positive meaning because it has polished off some of your rough edges as a human being.

Next week: The Twelfth House


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