Medical Astrology: Gemstones and Healing ROSE QUARTZ

Medical Astrology:  GEMSTONES and HEALING: Rose Quartz  by Eileen Nauman, DHM, medical astrologer

                CATALOGING THE GEMS

    I evaluate a gemstone in a number of ways. First, it falls into one of these categories:  Heart Stone, Grounding Stone, Guard Dog Stone, High Energy Stone, Trauma Stone, Mental  Stone, Stress Tone, Luck Stone, Psychic Stone, Money Stone, Arthritis Stone and Master Healer Stone.  I created this system over the years because each stone has unique skills.  Some, like the Master Stones, are diverse, multi-skilled and affect more than one chakra in our aura.  With this blog, we’re going to look at a Heart Stone:  Rose Quartz .

                    HEART STONES

    This is a gem that can help you with problems of an emotional nature.  Heart stones have to do with the Heart Chakra in all of us–human or animal/reptile/amphibian.  When you lose a loved one, a friend (human or animal), go through a divorce, or are dealing with grief issues, these gemstones work in this area for us.  One of the best known is Rose Quartz.  Let’s take a closer look at this highly popular stone!


DSC_0001 rose quartz pendant and tubes jasper lilac stone and lavender beads by eileen nauman en az copy.jpg
Here is a necklace I, the “Rose Quartz Circle,”  made consisting of tubes plus a pendant of Rose Quartz.  There is also jasper “lavender stone,” and purple bugle beads with silver spacers.  This necklace was designed to hang down just above our heart area where it can go to work and clean out that chakra.  It is for sale at $85.00.  Length: 18 inches.  This is a WORKING NECKLACE.  It contains Jasper (lavender stone) that absorbs heavy energy (positive ions).  The Rose Quartz Pendant will absorb and transmute any heart-related experience that has heavy energy attending it (such as grief, heartache, loss, ect.).

    Quartz is SiO2, silicon Dioxide.  Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth.  It makes up about 13% of the Earth’s crust.  It comes in various shades from ‘white,’ clear, plus many other colors.  And because of all the colors it comes in, has been referred to as a “chameleon,” of gemstones, but I feel Opal deserves that title.  Quartz is  known as “rock crystal,” by many.  It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (Diamond is the hardest at a 10), so Quartz is a pretty tough stone.  It has some pleochroism and this can be seen in spheres (ball) of quartz crystal. It is especially noticeable in rose quartz and there is a ‘star’ effect.  If rutiles are found in the Rose Quartz, this causes the ‘star’ (known as “asterism) that is seen in it.  Rose quartz derives its color from Iron, Titanium, manganese and even colloidal gold.   When you have transparent crystals of Rose Quartz, the color is due to aluminum and phosphorus impurities.  And, transparent quartz like this is very expensive.

    Quartz crystals are Macro crystalline, which means that individual crystals are distinguishable with our naked eye. And Quartz is a work horse in industry.  It is found in sand paper, TV’s, computers, clocks, watches, soap, ceramics and other abrasive materials. 

    Quartz is found in geodes, in meteorites and even in Moon rocks.  This is how abundant this one form of crystal is to our solar system.  Quartz is found in Igneous (fire) rocks, including granite, Granodiorites and rhyolites.  Fire creates quartz.  Quartz has a trigonal (6 sided) crystal structure.  “Phantom” crystals show different times when the crystal was growing, stopped growing and then started growing at a later time.  A finger print, literally, of the growth and creation of one-six sided crystal.

    One thing you don’t want to do with Rose Quartz is put it somewhere in the sunlight for long periods of time because it will fade.  If left in the sun over time it will become clear ‘white’ quartz crystal.  It is photosensitive to sunlight. The color of Rose Quartz may be from a very pale pink color to a very ‘rose’ pink color.  The more color it has, the more expensive it is.  Rose Quartz is least likely to be found in single or double terminated points. Instead, it is found in masses along with other rock strata.  That is why so much of it is sold in ornamental gemstones like bracelets, necklaces and rings. 

    Geologically, Rose Quartz appears in masses.   It is found in pegmatite, a granite mass, and not as individual crystals like all the other colorful quartz crystals forms are found.  It is rare for it to be a six-sided, single or double crystal, although there are some around for a good price and they’re very tiny.  Most Rose Quartz comes from Brazil.  It is also found in Madagascar, Germany, India and a famous site near Custer, South Dakota, as well as other sites in the USA.
    Historically, the word “quartz” comes from a Saxon word, “querklufterz” that meant “cross vein ore.”  You frequently, as an example, will see a white veins of quartz in a gold mine.  Rose Quartz beads were found in Mesopotamia (Iraq) as far back as 7000 B.C.L.  Assyrians crafted jewelry with it from 800 to 600 B.C.L.  In Roman times, Rose Quartz was carved into seals and it was used in seals as a sign of ownership.  Romans believed it was a powerful healing stone.  The Egyptians believed it prevented aging.      

    From a metaphysical standpoint, think of Rose Quartz  as an absorbent sponge.  And once it attracts heavy energy that isn’t good for you, it transmutes it.  The Quartz and Tourmaline families are the only ones who are piezoelectric and pyroelectric.  Piezoelectric means that Quartz has the ability to generate an electric field or electric potential.  This occurs when ‘stress’ is applied to it.  Holding it or wearing it on your person is a ‘trigger’ to create this effect and it’s good for humans, animals and plants as a result.  Change in temperature brings out the piezoelectric abilities of quartz.  For example, if you hold it, it triggers this process.

    Being pyroelectric means the quartz can shift their poles from north to south, and back again.  Reversing the energy field, in other words.  They have a north and south “pole” so to speak, and can not only attract positive ions (think of them as dust that would gather on your furniture–only you find scads of these in and around your aura….) but change/transmute them to negative ions.  To understand negative ions, they are given off by running water such as a creek, a river or the ocean.  If you have ever stood by running water or on a beach, you know how good you feel after just a few minutes.  This is negative ions cleaning out your aura of positive ions.  That is why you feel invigorated, happier and lighter.  Consider positive ions like dust in a house.  Only, our aura and chakras are the house.  And so the piezoelectric effect DRAWS positive ions to negative ions.  And then, with their pyroelectric abilities, they reverse poles and EJECT the positive ions OUT of a person’s chakra and aura.  That’s one classy feat that very few gemstones can pull off.  That is WHY all quartz crystal and tourmalines are so valuable to us on an energetic level.  What is changed in our energy field eventually changes us on the physical level, too.

    Positive ions (heavy energy) are created by our human emotions–all the anger, grief, rage, jealousy, envy….well, you get the picture.  Be in a funk and we’re creating as well as drawing more positive ions that are hanging around in out general area, into our chakras and aura.  Negative ions are just the opposite of all our lurid human emotions.  They are the high, light, pure energy of love from the Universe.  Wearing quartz crystal is like hiring a maid service to keep you clean inside and out.  They CLEAN us up.  And it works first on our aura.  And ‘heavy’ energy is positive ions.  We tend to make them, collect them from others that we are energetically/emotionally connected with–friends or enemies.  And so the more positive ions you have, the more this energy will collect like ‘dust bunnies’ in your chakras.  And some chakras are far more fouled with positive ions than others.  The chakras cannot turn and do their job as they should.  It’s much like putting peanut butter in a bowl and trying to stir with a spoon–it takes a lot more energy to turn those propellers in our chakras to make one turn and work for us.  If a chakra becomes clogged, the energy it feeds to a specific organ and system in our physical body suffers.  As a consequence, you feel TIRED. And if it goes on long enough, you will become ill or dis-eased.

    Tiredness has a lot to do with positive ions.  I give a five day workshop on Quartz crystals, healing and gemstones and show people who to use a single terminated quartz to not only clean out their chakras, but how to wear certain types of quartz for certain chakras that tend to be clogged up with debris because of our living Life down here.  One thing for sure, Quartz crystal and its attending colors, rose, (rose quartz), green, yellow (citrine), orange (very rare), brown to gray (smoky quartz) purple (amethyst) milky (white and opaque) quartz have a special affinity to adopting these positive ions and pulling them out of our aura and chakras.

DSC_0002 rose quartz tubes pink freshwater pearls peacock small pearls and pink mabe pendant by eileen nauman en az copy.jpg
Here is the “Mabe Rose Quartz” necklace I made.  It has long tubes of rose quartz with “peacock” colored fresh water pearls and larger fresh water “pink” pearls.  The Mabe pendant is an actual pearl growing in the side of the oyster.  This mabe reflects the colors of the rainbow in its surface.  It is for sale $125.00 USD.  Length: 18 inches.  This is a WORKING NECKLACE.  The pearls (freshwater or saltwater) REFLECT all our emotions.  Like the water they are born within, they are about our astral field, our body of emotions.  Pearls will slowly draw out old grief, anger, or any other repressed emotion that you carry (conscious or unconsciously).  The mabe itself has all the colors of our chakras with the exception of the root chakra (red).  The Rose Quartz tubules attract positive ions trapped in our aura and transmute them into negative ions and discharge them.  This is a necklace for someone who is very emotional and wants to balance them out.  Or for someone who is sitting on a lot of “heartache”, no matter what the reason for it.  If feel depressed, sad or a loss of faith or hope, this necklace will uplift you.

      Rose Quartz  is utilized in situations such as:  Grief, breaking up a relationship, a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, moving and leaving your friends or family, getting fired from a job, losing your house to a flood/earthquake, are but a few examples.   Anything you perceive as “heart ache” is covered under Rose Quartz.   People who, on a more spiritual level who are wanting to work in their heart chakra should consider a “heart stone” helper. Rose Quartz imbues compassion within us if worn frequently.  These gemstones can also help opened up an emotionally closed down person.  A heart stone can help them be more sensitive to themselves and to others.  These heart gemstones help us “emote.”  For those who have suppressed or repressed wounds that surround love, being loved, or not loved, also fall under this category.  Anything to do with our heart; whether it is learning to love ourselves, love others, loving our enemies, learning the difference between pity, sympathy and compassion, these stone helpers can support you. And this is why Rose Quartz  is a heart stone.


    Venus is the ruler of Rose Quartz.  The Moon and Neptune are secondary rulers.  When it comes to “love” in all forms, styles, formats, Venus is the goddess of it all.  And because “love” is an emotion, you cannot entirely disconnect it from the Moon, ruler of our feelings.  The signs Taurus and Libra, who are ruled by Venus, should consider wearing this stone.  Secondarily, Pisces people, who are ruled by Neptune, are included here, also.

    Anyone with a Venus that has three or more hard aspects to it natally, or an unaspected Venus, may well need to wear this stone upon occasion.  And, a Moon or Neptune with three or more hard aspects (especially if one of the aspects is to their natal Venus), should also consider wearing it.

    And those sun signs (specifically Pisces) who wear “rose colored glasses” about love and can’t differentiate between that and real love, can benefit from wearing Rose Quartz.  It won’t stop them from making some really poor choices of companions, but it will help them heal and learn so they don’t repeat the same choice again.  That, at least, is a step in the right direction!


    The outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can play havoc on our Moon and Venus/Neptune.  Any time these behemoths come into hard aspect with any of them, Rose Quartz is a good thing to be wearing when heartache arises.  It may not stop a divorce or a loss of a loved one, but it can be “working” to keep you clear and clean of all the buildup of positive ions that does take place. 

                THE SOUTH ENERGY

    The South is the element fire.  Fire equates symbolically with our PASSION FOR LIFE.  For living life with zest and eagerness and curiosity.  Rose Quartz is about us throwing our heartfelt intentions into living life fully and not shrinking away from it. The South is ruled by Grandfather Coyote, the trickster.  A sense of humor, of laughing at the silliness in our lives, is here, too.  This is also the position of the teenager, so think about all the stupid and dumb things that they do because of their hormones.  The South energy has this element to it, too.  Being pushed along by hormones and not engaging our brain/thinking/logic “tricks” us into many hard lessons in order to learn.  Everything about the South is running on passion on every level, whether it be spiritual (compassion), mental (sympathy, emotional (pity) or physical (sex hormones).  This is why Rose Quartz is a south energy stone.

    I can’t think of one person on this planet who doesn’t need to wear Rose Quartz!!!  There’s a reason why Quartz is the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. It’s because we ALL need it!  It you have taken what I call a “heart hit,” then you should put on your Rose Quartz necklace and wear it until it feels right to take it off.  Anything to do with our heart is under this gem’s rulership.  It can’t take the hurt away, it can’t stop the grief you feel or even shorten it.  But what it can do is keep that heart chakra clear, your astral field cleaned up, so that you can move through this phase more quickly and with far better health in tact.   


    There is no one on this Earth that can’t wear Rose Quartz.  It’s a wonderful gift to give to friends and family.  A real symbol of love from you to them.  Never have any gemstone beads that can be swallowed or choked upon around young children. 

        DSC_0147 rose quartz hearts and bugle beads prehnite beads clear quartz beads with green glass faceted heart by eileen nauman en az.jpg
This is a “Heart Necklace,” I made. The pale green beads are Prehnite, a well known ‘heart gemstone.’  The oval and heart shaped beads are Rose Quartz.  The transparent beads are clear Quartz crystal.  The pendant is faceted glass in the shape of a heart.  It is for sale $150.00 USD.  Length: 18 inches.  This is a WORKING NECKLACE.  Prehnite (pale transparent green beads) works directly with heart energy.  It uplifts, makes a person feel happier and imbues faith.  Clear Quartz beads along with the Rose Quartz ovals and hearts will attract positive ions and transmute them to negative ions and discharge them.  This is a major cleaning necklace for all chakras.  The green glass faceted heart brings in the color of the heart chakra (green) and REFLECTS heavy energy (positive ions) away from our aura.  It will imbue one with hope for a positive future.  And, it also works on increasing the wearer’s compassion for all creatures, great and small.  Good for caregivers because it won’t allow their energy to be depleted by those they serve.


 Because of Quartz’s natural abilities, Rose Quartz can work to keep our heart chakra cleaned out, as well as work in our astral field, which is the biggest ‘dust bin’ of all the auric fields when it comes to collecting positive ions.  Rose Quartz works with all fields of the aura.  But its specialty is our chakras and the astral field.  This is a feminine energy.

                HEALTH RAMIFICATIONS   

    Our emotions is what does us in when it comes to a health crisis.  It’s true, it starts out in our spirit and then descends down into our physical body.  But it is or emotions that put that ‘crack’ in our entire auric field and damages one or more of our chakras in the process. When that chakra(s) cannot work as it is supposed too, the entire body and auric system suffer as a result.  Eventually, there will be dis-ease.  Where Rose Quartz is at the top of its game is in cleaning out all chakras and fields.  When it starts cleaning out our heart chakra, it can bring up old hurts and grief.  It will start discharging them (reversing polarity on the positive ions) and you may cry for awhile, but it’s a healthy thing to do.  Better out, than in, as I have said. 

    For men who have been brainwashed by our patriarchal society into believing they shouldn’t cry, it comes at a hell of a price for them.  Rose Quartz can help ‘soften’ this brain washing and allow the man to become more in touch with his emotions. 

                HOW TO WEAR ROSE QUARTZ

    Wear it when you feel ‘down,’ depressed, unhappy, unhopeful or when you are working through grief.  Many, who are in touch with their own  inner knowing, will wear Rose Quartz without knowing why, that it just ‘feels good’ to have on their body like a good, supportive friend.  If you have any situation where you are dealing with heart-related issues, that is the time to wear this stone. 

                IN SUMMATION….

    I love Rose Quartz.  It’s something I wear quite often.  And when I do, I always feel uplifted by it.  This is a ‘feel good’ stone, but now, we know why.  It’s working from the moment you put it on and wear it. 

NEXT WEEK:  Tiger’s Eye

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