FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on The Winter Solstice December 21, 2010: Light Into Our Darkness…..by Eileen Nauman

FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on The Winter Solstice December 21, 2010: Light Into Our Darkness…..by Eileen Nauman

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Tricia Speed  lunar eclipse june 26 2010 by tricia speed.jpg
The THEME of this eclipse as it occurs on our Winter Solstice is about LIGHT coming into our DARKNESS.  Photo Credit: Tricia Speed

Re-think Holiday travel during Christmas.   You want to stay home and NOT go anywhere.  There’s no place like home.  There are going to be a horrific number of car accidents related to drunken driving with this nasty Full Moon eclipse.  Weather related accidents are going to soar; expect worse than normal winter weather five days before and after this eclipse (December 16, 2010 through December 26, 2010).  Beware.  Stay home, enjoy the quiet, celebrate with your spouse, family and let it go at that.  You really don’t want to be out on wintery, slippery roads or where the liquor is flowing freely.  Both will get you into a world of trouble.  Is that how you really want to end your year? HOW you conduct yourself on this day is going to reverberate four more times in the coming year.  Let’s look at a positive, peaceful, stay-at-home time, shall we?  It’s the best course of action.

On December 21, 2010, we’re going to have a Full Moon Lunar eclipse. It will occur at 0:13 a.m., PST at 29 Gemini. That means Gemini and Sagittarius people in general, are most affected by this eclipse. And since this one is a 29 degrees, a critical degree in astrology.  Gemini and Sagittarius are also involved by proxy and orb of influence on this.   Gemini and Sagittarius people who will receive most of this energy from this eclipse.  This eclipse, however, carries an unusual amount of hard, stressful aspects.  I don’t like to characterize anything as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ but most eclipses can turn out to potentially be a mean son-of-a-bitch.   I also believe that ‘bad’ is another word for ‘opportunity’ so long as we can focus on anything that comes our way is there as at teacher to help us grow and mature. Let’s talk about the 29th degree, the biggest, most powerful emotional degree we have.

                MEANING OF THE 29TH DEGREE

Astrologers know that from 0 through 28 degrees, we, as individuals, have ample opportunity to own our stuff, work through it and change it.  In other words, we have choice.  And since we are down here to grow, the 29th degree is around to ensure that we do what is needed for ourselves–even if we don’t want to do it for a host of reasons (fear, lack of confidence, lack of faith in ourselves, etc.).  The 29th degree is there to ensure we WILL do it.  Or, if we’ve been running away from a lot of emotional garbage that we’ve refused to own–well guess what?  It’s all going to come back to haunt you in that 29th degree.

And yes, you will have the opportunity to confront people from your past (family, friends and enemies) with whom you haven’t closed the loop on or finished off some business with them, spiritually speaking, that needs to be cleaned up and tidied up once and for all.  You will all do it in the 29th degree.  One way or another.  Numerologically when you add 2 + 9 it equals 11.  “11” is a master number in numerology.  It is, according world expert, Karen David, ruled by the Moon and Uranus.  That means shock and emotional chaos.  A master number takes you down to the basics.  And the Eleven is all about shock, trauma, surprises and our emotional reaction to the event or experience.  It’s a tough way to learn, frankly and it won’t be easy. 
From an astrological standpoint, you are learning all the time.  And between 0 to 28 degrees of any zodiac sign, you always have choices.  With the 29th degree, choice is taken away and you WILL go through the experience dragged kicking or scream–or not.  It just depends upon your maturity, your spiritual strength and perspective on living in this world.  The 29th degree is considered the ‘catch all’ degree.  If you have not learned your lesson between 0-28 degrees of a given zodiac sign, then the 29th degree ‘cleans up the mess,’ that you have refused to learn. 

How does it do it? Simple.  It brings in a person or experience that is in your face and there is no way to run away from it, avoid it or ignore it.  Everything we refuse to learn or have not tried hard to learn earlier, we learn with the 29th degree.  And learn we will–or else.  It can be highly painful and emotional if we continue to fight learning the experience, the situation or the ‘aha’ that we’re trying to make a breakthrough on. 

We say of people who have a 29 degree planet in their natal chart that they are trying for the brass ring this lifetime.  That life is going to be fraught with hardship, tests, brutal emotional dilemmas that the person must not only work through, but hopefully, grow from in maturity and spirit.  You might look at the 29th degree as Job’s trial in the Bible when God tested his faith in him.  If you don’t know the story, look it up and read it.  Its worthwhile.

This eclipse is 29 degree Gemini and that means that somewhere in your natal chart, this eclipse is going to fall with a an explosiveness that could rock your world order.  To find out, seek out a professional astrologer.  We have our favorite, Rosemarie Brown and her information to contact her is at the end of this article.  Be assured, that all of us get this explosive emotional bomb going off in our natal chart.  It’s just a question of WHERE and also, if it makes aspects (soft or hard) to other natal planets in your chart.  Then, you can begin to focus and define exactly what might come up and where you’ll potentially be tested.  The good news is this:  if you have been growing, changing, maturing, then this eclipse isn’t going to be a bomb going off to upset your life.  It will do little, if anything.  However, if you’re one of those people who constantly run from responsibility, maturing, pain, then this may be an important moment in your life where you have to ‘man up’ or ‘woman up’ as the case may be. 

Certain zodiac signs will be able to “roll with the punches” of this 29 Gemini Lunar Eclipse.  Of course, not every sign is as flexible and adaptable or adjustable as mutable signs are (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius).  Many get dragged kicking and screaming into tying up their loose ends in their life during this degree’s intense, focused energy.  The zodiac signs that are worst off are the Fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. Sitting in between are the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  They may well resist at first, but when the cosmic screws are put to them, they will MOVE and meet it head on.

 Me?  Heck, I try and get all my personal garbage attended to BEFORE the 29th degree hits!  However, I always stay alert, wolf ears up, just in case I have over looked something (ignored is more like it) for whatever reason (pain, usually) because if I haven’t cleaned up my own back yard of myself–I know on the 29th degree–it’s gonna come hunting me.  Big time.  And I am GOING to have to pay the piper on it.  There’s no messing around with a 29 degree.  It will strip you, extract from you, whatever it is that you need to give over or get rid of.  There’s no diplomacy about 29 degrees.  Nor is there softness or pleading. The 29th degree just gets in your face, confrontational speaking, and stays there until it gets what it wants from you.  So, my advice is–smarten up–look at what you’ve either suppressed, repressed, run from or avoided (due to fear and pain factors), own it, and get on with it.

And next time….don’t wait until the 29th degree to clean up your mess.  Because the 29th degree is ugly and in a spoiler mood to get what it wants no matter what it costs you.  Get in a car accident?  Take a fall and break your leg?  Get the flu?  Migraine coming back?  Your back slip a disc?  Break a vertebrae?  Nothing going right at work?  Your boss is ragging on you?  You’re in fights with your significant other?  Nothing is going right–just wrong?  Well, these are all red flags of the 29th degree kicking up in your life–so head’s up!  Pay attention!  What are you avoiding that needs to be grappled with and finalized, one way or another?  What haven’t you said that needs to get out of your throat, past your mouth and to that other person that needs to hear it?  Yep, the 29th degree takes no prisoners, so you might as well just do it and get over it.  Take your lumps, crawl through your personal gauntlet and most importantly–learn from it.  So you don’t have to duplicate this again on the next transiting planet that its that 29 degree location!

eclipse times and place illustration.jpg
Here are the times, EST, of the eclipse. Photo Credit:  www.mreclipse.com


This eclipse will be seen across the USA.  Depending upon where you’re at: Southern California or on the East Coast, the times are different.  On the West Coast it begins at 10:30 p.m.  On the East coast, it is 1:30 a.m.  The eclipse lasts for four hours.  At it’s height (you’ll see a reddish/orange phase that means it is at its height) will be about 2 to 2.5 hours into it. 


     According to NASA, we haven’t had a Full Moon lunar eclipse conjunct the Winter Solstice in 1554 A.D.  That makes this eclipse far more powerful than the usual ones.  At that particular time, this eclipse was focused on Tudor England.  Princess Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower of London.  Mary of Guise (the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots) became regent of Scotland.  And Lady Jane Grey was beheaded for treason that year.  I’m sure much more was going on, but at that time, communication wasn’t great, nor did much of the populace know how to write and record such goings on. 

It does give us a “peek” into what occurred then.  We can then turn these series of events around and say that on a world political level, that our President and Congress are going to be in the middle of a war within themselves.  Who will be beheaded?  We can take this to mean assassination.  Will there be an attempt?  I think so based upon the nasty aspects during the eclipse.  Who will suddenly rise to the top of our political in fighting?  A Republican?  A Tea Party member?  One thing for sure, you can bet that Washington D.C., is going to be the eye of this storm and that heads will fall.  Will President Obama be imprisoned, so to speak, by the Republicans come the new year?

 Or will the American people, once more,feel imprisoned by the power mongers that are in Congress?  It makes for an explosive situation.  Will Congress do something for the American people instead of always jostling and jockeying to take care of their own, particular party?  Or not?  With this eclipse and its reverberation for the next year, I hope Congress makes decisions to help the people of this country. If they don’t, there’s going to be a revolt.  And it won’t be pretty….forewarned is forearmed.  It will NOT be business as usual for those of Congress in 2011.  Guaranteed.

From a spiritual standpoint, I want to look at the Winter Solstice.  This is a time of greatest darkness.  From September  21 to December 21st, we are losing about a minute of light per day.  For animals like bears, it is a time of hibernation, sleeping and slowing down.  Their bodies slow down and they can spend that time in a state of being that allows them to live through the harsh winter and “resurrect” the coming Spring to live again.  We have some ancient and powerful THEMES running through this eclipse. 

The Winter Solstice, then, is about the celebration of bringing LIGHT back to the world.  It is the day that the Earth stops tipping toward the north pole, hesitates and then starts to move toward the South Pole (spring and summer).  It is a tipping point between light and dark.  Let’s take this concept a step further.  And let’s ratchet this heady symbol down to the personal  level.  There are going to be billions of people who have been moving through their own darkness.  You can see darkness as their wounding they received as children and working to work through it and finally discharge it. This is known as the path of the Wounded Healer. There are people who have been in darkness of starvation, deprivation, imprisonment of many kinds.  We can be starved mentally if we long to learn to read and write, for example.  We can be deprived in hundreds of different ways.  We can be imprisoned in a dysfunctional family and have been trying to escape it.  Darkness is defined by you.  What is dark in your life?  Write them down.  Define them. Because now is the time we can do something about it, backed by the energy of this solstice/eclipse.

Or, perhaps a better question is:  Where do you want light to come into your life?

multicolored galaxy chandra telescope nasa photo.jpg
Light into our Darkness is the theme we will be replaying every solstice and equinox from 12.21.2010 through 12.21.2011.  Every THREE months, on the Spring, Summer, Fall and next Winter’s equinox, we have the opportunity to allow LIGHT into our life.  With light we can see where we’re going internally and externally.  Photo Credit: NASA, galaxy

For the Winter Solstice is about the RELEASE from the internal or external darkness we have been suffering through and a step in the direction of LIGHT.  This light can be symbolic or it can be literal.

Light is what you define it as.  Perhaps it is an “aha!” moment, an epiphany.  Or, you get a job after having none for two years. Or you walk away from an upside down mortgage and house to start all over again.  If your life has been one disaster after another, you finally catch a ‘break’ and the LIGHT comes in.  The caveat on this statement is: you must have been diligently working on the internal planes of yourself to catch this break.  If you have not, if you are ‘asleep’ and unaware of your rich inner life, then there’s no break coming.  Breaks are earned in the cosmos by hard work, responsibility and making a commitment to become a better human being.  

No one said this was going to be easy to do because all the aspects to this eclipse are hard at the time of the eclipse.  We can then say that you may use these aspects as a stumbling block OR a building block.  It’s entirely up to you.  Do you whine and play the victim, saying that none of what has kept you in darkness is your fault? Rather, it’s everyone else’s fault?  Or, are you going to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, take responsibility for your past poor choices and resolve to change this record and get on with life in a better format?  These are the two choices that are here for everyone with this solstice/eclipse energy.  Nothing will be easy.  We’re in the middle of a DEPRESSION.  The government won’t admit it because of the weight and symbology that the word, “Depression,” carries with it.  Too bad.  If the American people really “got it” they would be angry enough to change the tone of our entire government, the two ruling parties and how Congress has milked the middle class dry for the last sixty years.  But, maybe this solstice/eclipse will do it anyway. And using anger in a positive way is to make real change.

The bottom line on this eclipse/solstice energy is that you are going to focus, on a soul level, to work on getting out of your own particular darkness and move into light.  Take that literally.  And remind yourself daily that this is what you’re doing.  Be sure to first, write down where you see yourself caught up in your own darkness.  And be honest about it.  Then, ask yourself once you have this list jotted down, how you’re going to turn darkness into light? What new decisions and choices can send you into the light?  Instead of keeping you imprisoned in your own, unique darkness?

There’s another way to use this solstice/eclipse energy.  Remember the bear hibernates away the winter dark months.  We can take this symbolically too.  Many people find themselves automatically and biologically going inward for the winter months.  They are very creative at this time.  They have great ideas come forth. For the inventors of the world, this is a rich time for ideas to connect and work.  For the writer, plots abound.  The artist has sudden ideas for his/her next canvas.  For the music writer, the tunes come with ease.  From a creative standpoint, this is a wonderful time.  And with the aspects being energetic, there should be quite a birthing of ideas, music, book plots and creativity. This is a great time to plot and plan because when the LIGHT of the Spring equinox comes (March 20, 2011), you’ll be ready to unleash that software you’ve written, that song you’ve created, turn in the manuscript on that novel you worked on, as examples.  Creativity is defined by the individual.  If you’re a quilter, you may come up with a new pattern, work hard through March to create and have a new quilt to show for all of it in March. 

Psychologically, this is a time of deep, inner work within ourselves.  I love winter because of this.  I get to go into my own self with ease.  Dreams are more powerful at this time, and more directive and easier to understand.  This is a time of GESTATION between September and December.  You can consider gestation like a nine month pregnancy.  We are ALL pregnant with ideas, knowledge of ourselves, of others and on December 21, we not only get the light from the Earth moving back toward it, but the eclipse is a flashlight into some area we need to (a) become aware of and (b) work on once it is brought to our consciousness.

With this eclipse/solstice energy, we are going to move deeper, realize more about ourselves in relation to others and our world.  If you are not a victim mentality, then you will take this and work hard to polish some rough facets of yourself.  This is the work we all need to do.  It’s about transforming from the animal to a spiritual light.   For those who are ‘asleep’ and unaware of doing inner work, then this is going to be a very hard time for them.  They are going to sink deeper into the cup they’ve chosen to sit in. And it is going to have repercussions for the next year. For those who are asleep and refuse to wake up, this is going to be a jaw breaker.

man piercing the veil.jpg
It is time for everyone in the world to claim and own their own, inner DARKNESS and make a conscious effort to allow the LIGHT of understanding, education and other events into our life to liberate ourselves on every level.


    Gemini/Cancer people born between June 15th through June 25, with the focus on June 20th (29 Gemini), are under the energy microscope of this eclipse.  By opposite sign, Sagittarius/Capricorn’s  born between December 17th through December 27th, with emphasis on december 21 (29 Sagittarius), will feel the full force of the eclipse.  And because this is 29 degrees, there are two other signs that get dragged into this:  0 to 5 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn people.


    We start the day off with the hard aspects this eclipse.  Moon is opposite Pluto, the planet of power, control and authority.  But that is around 12:30 a.m., PST at midnight.  Don’t be drinking and driving on this night.  You will have some confrontations with a police officer for drinking while driving on this day–so don’t do it.  The cards are stacked against you.  And if you have to go party/drink, then ask a friend or a taxi to get you home.  Pluto is about transformation on some level: be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  For some, this can prove to be an incredible spiritual uplifting experience.  For others it can mean dealing with a bully, with power and authority and confrontation.  Many will be tested with a confrontation.  Handle it without anger, or it could get out of control and people get hurt.  Or they say things that they wish could take back.  Be diplomatic.

    At 3:30 p.m., PST the Sun goes into Capricorn.  We move from darkness to light, literally.  This is the Winter Solstice and lest you think this means nothing, it means a lot.  This is a powerful day for anyone who studies the equinoxes and solstices of our planet.  The power of the globe turning energizes everything living on this planet.  It is a quintessential moment in our life.  See my above symbolic explanation of what it means to us.

    At 4:58 p.m., PST, Mercury, the god of travel squares Jupiter.  Travel disruptions are going to be huge on this day.  Bad weather, in fact, some of the worst winter weather experienced in the world, will hit on this day.  This is for the whole world.  The USA and Europe are going to be caught up in it for sure.  Blizzards are going to put a halt to air traffic.  Perhaps a volcano blowing spews miles of ash into the stratosphere and halts traffic.  Or a violent earthquake will occur.  Or, all of these factions may be put into motion.  You don’t make light of a full moon on the structure of the Earth and her oceans.  Tides go higher at this time, as well.  And eclipses always shine a light on something that needs to be changed.  Travel is going to be snarled to the nth degree.  And emotions are going to flare big time.  people want to get to their family for Christmas but for some, that isn’t going to happen.  With Mercury retrograde, this Lunar eclipse only irritates the fragile travel situation times ten.  People are going to see major air flight cancellations as never before.  My personal advice is DON’T travel in December.  Stay home and enjoy your Christmas with your family.  Visit your relatives at some other time.  Not now.

    Then, at 8:05 p.m., PST, the Moon opposes Mars.  Talk about tempers flying off the handle.  Road rage.  Killing rage.  People out of control.  A full moon exacerbates an unstable person and ‘going postal’ could certainly be in the cards on this highly emotionally trying day.  There could easily be a terrorist attack on this day with these aspects.  Mars rules attack, aggression, rage, warriors and fighting.  This is the time when a major global politician or leader may be assassinated.  In Afghanistan, more soldiers and civilians are killed than normal.  Try not to show anger or irritation with your loved one without a squabble or fight?  Because this shows being at odds or having friction with a loved one.  It might not be your spouse; it could be a child or a friend.  In any event, be NICE.  Here’s an opportunity to practice your compassion and non-judgment.  I know you can do it :-).

    These aspects are ALL stressful.  Whether you are in the center of this full moon eclipse, or standing on the side….remember this:  stay detached.  Not disconnected.  But detached.  Remember whose drama this is.  If it is yours, take some deep breaths and think before you speak because you will have the power to disintegrate someone with your tongue–and we hope that does not happen. If it is not your drama, then do NOT get involved in it.  This is where detachment comes in.

    Instead, knowing that the ten-day period is there to test us on our ho ho ho spirit, our spirit of compassion and patience, should help all of us realize, “Uh oh…this is a test.”  And yes, this is a testy holiday, let me tell you.  But the more you rage, allow your anger to shoot off your mouth or do damage–instead of damage control–the more miserable you’re going to feel about your own involvement and be sorry for what you said or did.  So, get a grip.  Know the tests are coming….and rise ABOVE it and be a better person. 

    Family issues are huge with this lunar eclipse.  So, if you’re visiting relatives for the Christmas-New Year time frame, put on your helmet, your flack jacket and KNOW you’re going to see dysfunctional dramas that have been played out for decades–once more.  This is an opportunity, actually, to finally stay in your core, quietly and gently speak your truth and let the crap fly.  This is how you break dysfunctional patterns in your family life–you stand in your own truth.  Just be prepared for a horrendous backlash from all the rest of the players.

    If you’re “up” for this kind of full scale, over blown emotional storm, that’s fine.  But if you’re not–AVOID it this year.  No one says you have to visit family/relatives at the holidays.  In fact, the worst in the family dysfunction comes out at these times.   The real question is:  are you up for it or not?  If not, stay home and have a simple, quiet holiday season.

For better or worse, this is a FULL moon eclipse; which puts the power into the punch of it. On a full moon, the ‘tides’ of the blood in the body are at their highest ebb. With a lot of excessive water/fluids in the body to put pressure on the sensitive brain, people’s emotions are going to be quite as trigger-happy. Drama kings and queens will abound. Over reaction to even minuscule things or situations, are going to be common. Road rage will be big. Someone shooting people in an office could happen. People have their patience on a short leash. Men, especially, are more prone to rash acts during this time when it involves their temper.  I am hoping with all the ‘kind’ aspects that the savage beast is tamed and becomes a purring pussy cat instead.


    The useful side to this full moon + eclipse is to flow with it to create an inner garden of peace within yourself. There is no doubt about it–this week is a ten day period of INITIATION for many, many people. You could be one of them. Initiations come after severe, ongoing, long testing. A breakdown for a break through. This is a great week to go on sabbatical, to a spiritual workshop, on a ski trip, a hike into the wilderness (depending upon where you live–people in the Southwest can do this in the winter), being in touch with Nature, connecting with the peace and love of Mother Earth. If you can do any of these things–plus meditate daily during this time frame–you will derive an avalanche of help, support and breakthrough. There’s nothing like being a Cosmic Surfer on the Surfboard of Life taking on gentle eclipse energy and ride it for all its worth. The way to do this is to follow your intuition–it will be quite sharp and honed during this time–so use it to your best benefits.


Full Moon always signals the culmination or fruition of something coming to a head. Decisions are made. It could involve quitting a job, moving to another city or state or country, starting a new job, asking for a divorce, asking someone to marry you, something you’ve been working on for a long time, manifests. It could also trigger terrorists events, as well. Especially five days BEFORE the actual eclipse, we must be watchful of this possibility. This means the week leading up to it, from December 16th through December 26th, is the physical manifestation time.   We call this the ‘shadow’ period where the buildup phase occurs. Be more aware and pay attention. This is when the “tests” come in.  And also, to be positive about this eclipse energy, take time out for yourself and give yourself some breathing room.  I might also add that this is a time to make others happy.  Don’t be standing there with your hands open expecting to be gifted–it could be that it is your job/duty to make someone else happy during this eclipse period.  If you can move into a compassionate, heart centered stance you will derive the MOST out of this hard edged eclipse.  But if you can’t, then you are setting yourself up to enter a very uncomfortable emotional storm.  The choice is up to you.

Ask yourself if you’ve done one kind thing for another person each day.  If you haven’t, then be conscious about doing it during this shadow period as well as on the day of the eclipse.  Good things being given from the heart always add to our Dharma Cosmic Bank account.  And just remember, we are ALL carrying heavy loads.  If you can project this awareness on others, you are less likely to take a chunk out of them.  And that’s a good thing!


Decisions of all kinds are made now and with an eclipse pushing it, think long and hard about your choices—because they are going to stick with you for the WHOLE YEAR. This is NOT a time to act rashly or quickly. Sit back and think about your decision and how it will affect you as well as others. Think about the ramification of your decision. Think of this action as seeds that are planted now, that will be harvested in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from the above date. Things might now happen right away, but guaranteed you will see action on your planting December 21, 2010, March 21, 2011, June 21, 2011 and finally back to its , September 21, 2011 and December 21, 2010 finally, back to its original position on December 21, 2010. This is because as the eclipse squares and opposes its original position and it triggers off energy that is can be catalyzed. And interestingly, each of these times is either a solstice or equinox point, so the POWER of this eclipse is going to be potent and in our faces every three months.  Let’s learn our lessons so we don’t have to get dragged through the mud every time?

This catalyzation process is going to be very obvious; for a lunar (moon) eclipse usually triggers INTERNAL events….but what starts out as internal may become external and could manifest outer events, such as a person, a group, or a body of individuals who make decisions and you are influenced by them. How much you’re influenced depends up on how close to the eclipse you have a planet or your ascendant, Midheaven, for example.  The key is NOT to “project” your crap on others.  Become aware of how you blame others all the time–and not yourself.  Projection is one of the biggest psychological problems we have in this world.  Self-centered people use it all the time–blaming others for the way they are.  And if you are projected upon, just remember–it’s their crap, not yours and don’t take it on.  That’s where choice has to come in.  And during this eclipse period, projections abound like bullets being fired at anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Just know that if people get upset and angry with you, that it’s their stuff.  Not yours.


The best way to take advantage of this hard-edged eclipse energy period is to pay very CLOSE attention to your intuition and inner guidance because the outer ones aren’t going to be there like sign posts as much as we wish they were. It is the blind leading the blind shortly. We’ll find out who has really good internal radar and who doesn’t. Those that do, will be able to navigate this difficult period with ease. The rest of us will trip, stumble and bump around like gawky kids learning how to walk!  However, this eclipse paves the way for less bumps and more gifts if we give it a try.

The lunar eclipse is always about one’s inner emotional contents, beliefs, focusing on old wounds from childhood, old tapes, new tapes, and harking back to the past to find an answer to the present situation/person/thing that is now confronting you on some level. Lunar eclipses bring Shadow events to our door step…those things that we push away from us, fear, or are ourselves but really don’t want to admit it, much less embrace, occur now. HOW you act and respond to this event/person/thing or place, will have reverberations throughout the coming year for you.

A very good example of this inner work is the 9-11 crisis. It touched everyone. And the internal work we did (and are still doing because of it) is changing how we think, how we perceive our reality, for starters. That is HOW a lunar eclipse works. The work, the changes of attitude, emotional adjustment are done within each of us. By doing that, we do CHANGE our outer reality.  Frankly, this country is still in shock/trauma over 911 and have done a lot of knee-jerk reactions. The government mentality is still trapped in shock.  And the stupid things they are doing (like x-ray machines and invasive TSA pat downs) clearly show this.  Their thinking is only knee jerk.  If they would talk to Israel on how they conduct their airport passengers coming and going from their country, the USA would have a much better and SANE way of dealing with the threat.

Don’t ever forget the visual on what an eclipse is: pretend you’re in a dark room. You have a flashlight in your hand. You switch it on. There is a sudden illumination of a spot on the wall in front of you where you have pointed it. This visual is symbolic that the eclipse is giving us an opportunity to move through our own unique darkness and “light up” something that our psyche/subconscious wants us to pay attention to and “get.” What “get” means is that it (the issue) will become conscious to you (either through an internal “aha!” or an outward, third dimensional event that will give you the “aha!”). When it comes, pay attention. and work on it….do not try to suppress it, push it away or ignore it. The eclipse is telling you where you have work to do–and to roll up your sleeves and get to it. Don’t try to avoid what an eclipse illuminates within you. Take it seriously and work THROUGH whatever the issue is and CHANGE it for a healthy, positive position, instead.

Lunar eclipses are also symbolic of women. There could be a daughter, niece, cousin, wife, grandmother, sister or aunt in your life that will highlight you in some way…or you will have to deal on an emotional/visceral level with this individual at this time. It could also be a woman that you work with, as well….but usually Moon-related things have to do with relatives, near or far. Or, it could have a greater fall out on a national field of play. It’s really about out-of-control emotions at its worst but I’m hoping with all these wonderful aspects, the inner rage of people will be tamed and not be seen.

For Gemini folks there are going to be decisions made, because this eclipse is posited within their sun sign. This is a “seed” time. That seed may be an idea, a choice or a decision.  It is not time to stand and be stubborn. It is a time for pro-active movement FORWARD once everything has been absorbed and understood. Gemini’s are usually pretty good at full speed ahead, so they should be able to handle this influx of energy fairly well because they are a mutable sign–that’s the good news. Gemini folks have every possibility of ‘rolling’ and being ‘flexible’ during this eclipse which is their saving grace.  But this will be about FAMILY situations, so be warned and aware.

Situations, a person or an event, is going to repeat itself on the above dates, throughout 2010 and 2011. Look before you leap, Gemini and Sagittarius.  And Gemini in particular, you’re famous for reacting too quickly and you don’t want to do that now with this particular eclipse. You have choices and you need to assess them appropriately before diving off the board of Life. The key here is to “look before you leap” on this eclipse, Gemini and Sagittarius. DO look!  Investigate. Mull it over. Get the input from others you trust. And then make a choice after THOROUGH deliberation, first. Too often, Gemini folks are a bundle of impatience and nerves. And while this is fine for most situations, in the pressure cooker of a full moon eclipse, this can be painfully excruciating for them. Best utilize your friends and family to help you through this, Gemini. Do rely on those you trust during this time frame and things will work out okay for you. And expect GOOD things to happen!!

Gemini/Cancer, this eclipse will highlight first house issues opposite the seventh house of partners.  This can mean your marriage partner, your business relationships as well as friends (who may not be positive for you–but you’ll find out now under the energy of this eclipse). That means its about you in every way possible. And how you relate and get along with other people, generally speaking. This is about change within yourself if you see something you don’t like (a wound that needs healing, for example). Or someone may bring your behavior or leadership abilities into question and changes have to be made, as another example. First house is about one’s Ego. It’s a highly narcissistic house but also a house where one needs a strong, viable ego to move forward to manifest their vision, too. Chances are, your Ego may need some tweaking or changes so be open to what other people have to say and take their sincere observations as a work-in-progress with yourself.  And, if you do this, good, positive events, situations or people will come into your life and spread that fairy dust you deserve for all your hard work.

Sagittarius,this eclipse rules your seventh house of relationships, legal travails and other people (whether personal or impersonal plus career). Translated, that means you may be embroiled in a legal difficulty, a change of relationship position within your job or company, a focus on a personal relationship (marriage, divorce, separation issues) in general. Any and all of these areas may come into contention for you to look at. In your case, this eclipse is about making a final decision on it or them, and moving forward with your new plan of action. This can be a tremendous time of perceiving a new idea or direction, Sagittarius.   So don’t get boiled in the oil of your emotions–try to untangle your knot of confusion, listen to your wonderful intuition, and you will find some opportunities being offered, instead.  Your partner may end up being a very positive source in your growth during this period.  Any marital discord can potentially be patched up to make it work during this stressful eclipse–if you want.

Sagittarius will get the opposition energy of the eclipse action and are going to be faced with some sort of decision. Your decision, however, has been building for some time and now, you’ll get this chance during the shadow period of this eclipse, to either say yes or no. Or, to walk away from something, or walk toward it. Oppositions are a time of ‘put up or shut up,’ as we say. This is the moment of truth for Sagittarius/Capricorn people and I’m sure many of them will be glad to hear that a decision has been made instead of the waiting it always takes. Just make sure, Sagittarius, that you don’t make a decision when you’re angry or upset. You, too, need to take some time to think and feel your way through whatever comes up. As a mutable sign, you have super flexibility too, so use this to your advantage. With your earthy wisdom and analytical qualities, you can make the most of what will be offered to you.  If you do, I’m sure some good things will occur because of your thinking through a situation.


If you have a planet between 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, Gemini/Sagittarius and  0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn, you are most effected by this eclipse. Particularly, if you have any planet at 29 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius, you are going to receive a full energy and opportunity and gifting from this eclipse.  Considering that Gemini’s are dealing with heavy Pluto opposite their sign and Sagittarius, who has Pluto in its sign are going through a grinding transformation process, this eclipse can be a focus on what needs to be polished next on your life agenda. 

    HOW this eclipse affects these people is entirely dependent upon what HOUSE the eclipse falls in, what PLANET it affects either by conjunction or opposition, as well as the other ASPECTS to that planet, to either modify or intensify this eclipse.

This requires a professional astrologer to look at your chart to tell you the possibilities. Rosemarie Brown is our core faculty astrologer and can be reached at: starrose@sedona.net.

ASCENDANT (your Rising Sign) OR MIDHEAVEN (10th house cusp) INVOLVED?

If you have an Ascendant (rising sign) or a planet between 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, (Gemini/Sagittarius) and  0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn or your Midheaven (10th house cusp), then you are going to be directly affected by this eclipse. How?

If the eclipse highlights your ascendant, expect a person or several people within your circle of friends and acquaintances, to get in touch with you. It might be by phone, e-mail, a letter, or they may be coming to visit you or you’ll hear from them.

If the eclipse is conjunct your Midheaven, then you can expect to have ideas or have contacts with people that you work with or for. It may be that you’re going to a business in early November; with your boss or someone from work. Pay attention if this is so, because some very good long-term things can come out of it for you and your career.


Just remember, the five days BEFORE the eclipse are usually when it “pops off” and there’s a lot of action and energy. (This will be December 16th through December 26th). Drive safely. Don’t invite road rage. Watch for people becoming emotionally unstable or who aren’t too tightly wrapped in the first place–steer clear of them because they are ready to blow sky high. Don’t be their target of opportunity.

Eclipses tend to cause chaos or make us feel like we’re blind in a dark room and bumbling around without proper light to see our way clear to be proactive. Things are falling apart for people internally as well as the world around them is crumbling and falling apart, as well. If this is happening to you, take a deep breath. BREATHE. It will be okay in the long run. Expect to make more mistakes than usual in the bracket time. This is a time of intense learning for many of us. Don’t be hard on yourself if you screw up. Just learn from it and don’t repeat the mistake, that’s all.

Our world is being plunged into a twelve-year cycle of CHAOS. The Mayans and many others have predicted this. From 2001 to 2013, we are, quite literally, in global chaos.  And from my astrology perspective, we are now changing from Pisces into Aquarius. The real “Age of Aquarius” is being born right now.  And we’re in the middle of the birthing of this new, airy energy.  How do you handle chaos? You don’t try to. What you do instead, is be FLEXIBLE, bend and change as the chaos walks into your life. Don’t fight it. Don’t dig your heels in. Earth and fixed sign people, in particular will want to knee-jerk into this mode. Don’t do it. You will get run over with a Cosmic Bulldozer that will take your breathe away and level everything in one fell swoop. So, don’t fight this. Roll and bob along with it. Pretend that you are a cork in a swiftly moving river that you can’t get out of, you can’t reach the banks of safety. Just ride it out. Bend, twist, turn, and roll. Let go. Surrender over to a higher power and have FAITH that you are being protected and led even if you can’t see it right now.

One way to really soothe and calm yourself so that you can ride/work with these chaotic energies, is to sit in the Vesica Pisces’s ‘eye’ where the two circles overlap. See my article on this which will be hung on the website, http://www.medicinegarden.com/metaphysics/globalshift2006.html or on my blog, http://www.talesfromechocanyon.blogspot.com. By sitting and meditating once a day in the ‘eye’ of this overlapping double circle, you will find yourself harmonized and equalized. The symbol, which is older than human memory, is designed to help us get through periods of chaos in a positive and healthy way.

I guarantee you, that if you will let go of the control of your life that is now disintegrating around you, and these eclipses, back-to-back, are going to insure this slide to continue, that good will come out of this. It is always darkest before the dawn and we are in the dark right now. That is what eclipses are about: our darkness. Let us know be afraid of it. Try to embrace it openly and without fear.

Understand we are deeply loved and cared for on the other side, and all our guides and teachers are assembled and with us every moment of our twenty-four hour day down here. Even if ‘bad’ happens, there’s good reason for it (even if we don’t understand the ‘why’ of it). If a mindset by humans will not change or bend, then Chaos must come in and shatter it to smithereens in order to recreate and redraw it into something healthier and more positive for all of us. Just keep this in mind if this happens to you. The reordering is painful. But the end product can be beautiful and positive.

We are at a point in our spiritual consciousness that we MUST have faith….a deep, abiding faith in the unknown and unseen to get through this mine field we’re presently created for ourselves. The good news is, we can negotiate it and get to the other side. So, keep the faith!

And you can look at an eclipse in another way: birthing pains. If you’re a woman who has had a baby, you understand this very clearly. While the baby is working it way into the new world, the mother is in deep, constant pain. And no birth is without pain, but the outcome is good. And eclipses tend to births on some level for all of us; especially now as we are seven years into the chaos for the New World where we can have that one thousand years of peace. If you can understand that you are in the throes of a birthing, this should help you accept your pain or discomfort knowing that in the end, it will be good and things will eventually smooth out for you. So, just old the faith and know that you have not been abandoned by the Cosmos at all–even if it feels like it from time to time.


A good attitude is essential around any eclipse; particularly a full moon, because your and everyone else’s emotions are running at ‘high tide.’ Practice patience with others–a lot of it. Give people more room to run around on their leash, understanding, they are feeling the same effects of this energy as you are and probably don’t have the awareness of what is triggering it in them…..so you know, and it’s your responsibility to rein yourself in accordingly with these uneducated folks.

That said, you can use this energy to “clear the air” with someone or a group. HOW its done, of course, is the key. One does not want to get confrontational about it, because that will trigger an aggressive reaction on some people’s part in return. Who needs this?!  Diplomacy, setting firm boundaries, Gemini/Sagittarius and being honest about how you’re feeling emotionally without using the “you” word, is best. This can be utilized to help all parties know where they stand with one another…key here, though, is DIPLOMACY with FIRMNESS. Not attack. Not assaulting verbally, mentally or emotionally. Bullies tend to come out and be worse than ever since we have a Moon square Mars with this particular eclipse. Those things will garner a real fast visceral reaction on the other party’s part and you won’t like what’s coming down the pike at you at all. Just try to instill the Golden Rule here: Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Meditation is wonderful during this period. Especially in the Vesica Pisces double circle. Go to: Global Shift

to access this article PREPARING FOR THE GLOBAL SHIFT
Moving to the LIGHT from the DARK: How to Do It
by Eileen Nauman.

Eclipses are about our Shadow contents, our own, inner darkness and thanks to it, a “light” is shined on our “stuff.” Shadow work is essential, and looking at what we hate or dislike the most in others, is usually what we have alive and well (and untamed) in us.

So, make a list and check it twice and look at what’s on it. Then meditate on these things and ask yourself how are you like that yourself. For example, if you absolutely cannot tolerate someone who lies, then ask yourself: “Do I lie to others?” “Do I lie to myself?” How do I do it? And take a sensitive look at yourself and be honest about it all. That is how you can use an eclipse to dig yourself out of your own personal emotional/Shadow hole.

It is also very good for going into psychotherapy to plumb the depths of ourselves and see what’s going on, what is acting out (usually the suppressed male or female energy is, and/or Shadow is jumping up and down and wanting attention). To make key breakthroughs the full moon lunar eclipse is a dandy to do just that–so use this energy for forge new paths of understanding into yourself.


I don’t believe we have to SUFFER through an eclipse period. The people below are, in my opinion, the best in their particular business and are skillful catalysts to help people to help themselves. Utilize the eclipse in the BEST and most healthy of ways….check out this group and choose which tools resonate most strongly with you and contact them. You won’t be sorry you did! An eclipse (any of them) is an OPPORTUNITY to off load our wounds, get in touch with what is strong or weak within us–and fix it. So, this is a fix-it-up time. Take advantage of this enlightening period of time!

 READ A BOOK.  Read a good book, like THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho, for example.  This is a good time to see if you are in your “flow” and following your heart/passion, and this book will help you become aware of it.  Or, a flight of fiction with Lindsay McKenna (DEADLY IDENTITY, HQN, December, 2010 ) to ‘check out’ and be entertained for awhile.  Just go to www.eharlequin.com and look it up.  

 TIME OUT!  Take time out for yourself.  Be alone. Be quiet.  Go in.  Do things that give you joy.  Since this is a New Year’s eclipse, think about the changes you want to bring about within yourself.  Maybe a mental attitude change?  A different emotional response to something else?

MEDITATION is a definite must during this period.  All your energy, your focus, is being swung from your outer, external, 3rd dimensional world, to your INTERNAL world.  It is there that you meet your teachers and guides, the spirits who love you despite yourself.  This is a time to go in and listen to your inner voice, your heart and your desires….and to become (finally) aware of them and then to act upon them.

 ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELOR: You can engaged the services of the medicinegarden.com’s professional astrologer and find out. Our own Rosemarie Brown is a natal counselor. Just contact her at: starrose@sedona.net. Her website is: Rosemarie Brown  http://www.rosemariebrown.com
 If you are wanting to move and aren’t sure where or you have a place in mind, but aren’t sure if it’s “right” for you, they have locale information available. If health is your consideration, Rosemarie is a fully trained medical astrologer.  I’m sure she will be able to shed considerable light in what is going on in your life and the many choices you have available to you to institute and use.

UN-CONFUSE YOURSELF DURING THIS ECLIPSE NEED A “Coach”, some serious therapy that gets to the “heart” of your angst or what you’re wrestling with? We recommend Rosemarie Brown. Please contact her at: Coaching by Rosemarie Brown  http://www.rosemariebrown.com
or by email at: Rosemarie Brown

Check up with your medical doctor or health practitioner.  July is a great time for this!  If you have nagging symptoms….do not delay on this–get thee to your doctor and have the appropriate tests run to look at them.  If you don’t; this could backfire on you and we don’t want that, do we?

 SWIMMING AND WATER.  Ah yes!  Cancer, Pisces and  Scorpio people really love the water!  Swimming is a wonderful way to relax this winter. What better time to sign up for a course in swimming at your local spa than now?  Or a nice long bath or shower.  Do take advantage of the water during this period because water is always healing for you.  If you don’t have a nearby pool, then think of a nice bath with your favorite bath salts or oils and luxuriate in it–treat yourself kindly and well.   For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn’s who are an earth signs, they are the soul of texture.  Massage is one of the most basic preventative maintenance things you can do for yourself–so schedule massage once a week if you can.

FLOWER and GEM ESSENCES.  These are gentle healers that can help a person to heal themselves.  Just go to: http://www.medicinegarden.com and point/click on Natural Essences and you’ll see gorgeous photos of your favorite flowers, as well as useful information that might help you in some positive way!

VOICE ANALYSIS–THE MISSING NOTE I’ve had my voice analyzed by Ani Williams and I can tell you from personal experience that we all have a “missing note” in our life. So what? Well, consider this. Without this missing note back in our life, we aren’t working off of 8 cylinders. We’re working on 6–or less! Please go to Ani’s website for more information. This is a life-changing “tool” that you should include in your personal Pluto transformation kit. Ani Williams  http://www.aniwilliams.com/
or contact her via email at: songaia@earthlink.net

A Shamanic Facilitator is trained shamanic facilitators who can help you through your spiritual transformation. For more information on Soul Recovery and Extraction, go to: Soul Recovery and Extraction FAQ’s
 http://medicinegarden.com/SRE/shaman_faq.html, and if you want a shamanic facilitator, WORLDWIDE SHAMANIC FACILITATOR DIRECTORY

Europe:  http://www.medicinegarden.com/SRE/SRE_Faculty_Europe.html

Down Under:   http://www.medicinegarden.com/SRE/SRE_Faculty_AU_NZ.html for Australia/New Zealand

USA/Canada:   http://www.medicinegarden.com/SRE/SRE_Faculty_USA.html

and then contact one of them for further help!

FOR CARE OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT: HOMEOPATHY Our favorite classically trained homeopath is Yolande Grill of Cave Creek, Arizona. She does long-distance case taking by phone and I consider her one of the best we’ve got in the USA. So, don’t delay! She is also a shamanic facilitator, as well. Get a hold of Yolande at: y.grill@att.net In short, you can surfboard this Cosmic Tsunami with ease or ride this run away freight train to the end and step off it with a smile! Help is always available, but the very BEST guidance always comes from within yourself — in your heart. And there is other help available outside of you in case you want a double check!
With all these “tools” at our disposal, you can make the retrograde of Mars a smooth transition from the outer world into your bright, creative and educational inner world!

In Spirit…we’ll get through this together and be better people because of it!  Happy Holidays!

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Let’s use this celestial event, one that hasn’t happened since 1554 A.D., to our advantage.  Let’s turn the LIGHT on in our DARKNESS and let’s see what is there.  It is turning toxic human emotions/garbage into a treasure chest of gifts that will aid and support us for the rest of our lives.